Hürriyet Newspaper, Micheal Kuyucu

Yasar maintains his place in the music charts with its single featuring nostalgic songs in his surprise album “Sevdiğim Sarkılar” which welcomed the year 2003. The single released in the summer of 2003 has remix version of four songs in the same album. 

Bringing a new feel , stronger sound and basis the four songs of the album “Sevdiğim Sarkılar” as compared to their original versions, Yaşar seems to have achieved a quite brilliant success in the term of arranger’s choice of sound and rhythm in the remix. 

The first song in the album is a successful remix of the classic song “Bos Sokak” by Ajda Pekkan. This song has tens of remake versions but none of them have been accompanied by such a strong structure. The remix reflecting a 80’s dance sound, has entered the literature of Turkish popular music as one of the most successful remixes of the recent years. 

The next song “Benim Bütün Ruyalarım Seninle” is among the most rhythmic arrangement of this song. The other two remixes with the Pop-Latin sound totally reflect the summer vibes. One of these brilliant remix “Vakit Yok Gemi Kalkıyor Artık”, which also available in the album “Sevdiğim Sarkılar”

The other song “Senden Benden Bizden”, which has gained recognition the band Athena, is the final track of the album pale in comparison to the other three remix but still worth listening. The remix work on a solo album of quality repertoire makes us wish that more songs on the album would be available with their remix versions. The remix with the successful sounds foretell the prospector popularity of the arranger Can Bener. 

Yasar fans will be sure be excited to the album “Remixes 2003” in their archives and Dance and Pop-Latin music lovers must also have this album. Especially the remix version of the “Bos Sokak”is stunning