Sabah Newspaper, Mert Vidinli

When I woke up, I checked my social media accounts to see “Who did, where and what?” and realized that lots of people just like me. The shouts mostly taken in houses and circle of friends while playing a tombala, eating foods together with the families. For incidence a couple İzzet and Yasemin Özilhan stayed in their homes along with their friends and children. Şeyma Subaşı was also there. The most trend house party has belonged to Oğulcan Engin, where he thrown it in his new house. 

However, in the New Year night, Alaçatı kept my mind. After all we get used to welcome to New Year without snow. Well, a couple of hot degree was not harm, right? 

It’s possible to have a winter part in a summer houses? Of course! I was amazed by crowded dinner eaten on the picnic tables, Majnoon and Dest’s after party music giving and ethnic vibe, in the The Stay Hotel. The two-day New Year party with the concepts of Long Weekend has been by far the most expected.