Sabah Newspaper, Gökhan Kimsesizcan

Masquerade Club, the biggest entertainment center of Istanbul, collaborated with Cavalli Club, owned by famous fashion designer Raberto Cavalli with branches in Milan, Miami and Dubai. 

Masquerade Club brought the night life of Istanbul to Dubai for one night, in which word renowned artists such as 50Cent, Akon, Ne-Yo, Fast East Movement, Fat Joe, LMFAO entertained the audience with their performance. 

I went to Dubai last weekend for the Sunday event of Masquerade Club, usually visited  by famous personalities in the world of the business , arts and sports. Hosted by Şadi Şekergümüş, Ahmet Tarkan and Mehmet Ali Tuğra, the partners of Masquerade Club, event titled You.Rockstar Party was attended by famous names in the world of business and art.

You.Rockstar party rocked the Cavalli Club Dubai with the music performance of Can Bener and DJ Khaikhan (Kayhan Yakarlar).

Can Bener, the. concept and music director of You.Rockstar Party, reported that they will soon introduce the night life of Masquerade Istanbul to clubs all across the world primarily including Paris, Copenhagen, Shanghai and Hamburg, in coloration with famous entertainment organization of the world such as the The World’s Finest Clubs, Monaco International Clubbing Show and Asmallworld.