Yasar Remixes -2003

Hürriyet Newspaper, Micheal Kuyucu Yasar maintains his place in the music charts with its single featuring nostalgic songs in his surprise album “Sevdiğim Sarkılar” which welcomed the year 2003. The single released in the summer of 2003 has remix version of four songs in the same album.  Bringing a new feel , stronger sound and […]

Where Is My Mind, Mert Vidinli

Sabah Newspaper, Mert Vidinli When I woke up, I checked my social media accounts to see “Who did, where and what?” and realized that lots of people just like me. The shouts mostly taken in houses and circle of friends while playing a tombala, eating foods together with the families. For incidence a couple İzzet […]

Agreement Brings Famous DJ’s Together

    Sabah Newspapper Info Music held a party at Beyoglu 360 yesterday night to celebrate to distributorship agreement signed with the giant electronic company Pinooer. The part hosted by Emre Maraş and Salih Maraş, who are the partners of Info Music, was attended by reputed DJ’s of Turkey as well as the top executive […]

Masquerade Club Brings the Nightlife of Istanbul to Dubai

Masquerade Club, which is among the popular venues of nightlife in Istanbul, organized a magnificent party at Cavalli Club, Roberto Cavalli’s venue in Istanbul. Cavalli Club hosted an extraordinary event organized by Masquerade Club with the concept You.Rockstar Party Can Bener and DJ Khaikhan offered and amazing entertainment experience to the guests with their music […]

The Nightlife on Dubai

Sabah Newspaper, Gökhan Kimsesizcan Masquerade Club, the biggest entertainment center of Istanbul, collaborated with Cavalli Club, owned by famous fashion designer Raberto Cavalli with branches in Milan, Miami and Dubai.  Masquerade Club brought the night life of Istanbul to Dubai for one night, in which word renowned artists such as 50Cent, Akon, Ne-Yo, Fast East […]

VIP Celebration of the 2012

Cyprus Newspaper VIP Cyprus, bringing in a new breeze to the night life of Cyprus, amazed their guest with a memorable new year night. The venue hosted in a incredible performance till down by DJ Khaikhan, the famous DJ of İstanbul nights and the resident DJ of İstinye Park Masa, chosen as the venue of […]

Topkapi Music, Can Bener- Way I Dance

“A fantastic dance single inspired by “Careless Whispers” , a classic by WHAM, and the hit “Don’t Go” by YAZOO!” Turkish producer and DJ CAN BENER is ready to dominate top music charts of the world with his latest hit.  ” Way I Dance ” is available in 2 different digital EPs; this very special […]