Can Bener is an electronic music producer and DJ born in Istanbul, Turkey.
Being a global nomad, living and making music in different countries and cities around the world has a strong impact in shaping his music style. His musical works are highly inspired by the cities he interacted with most; while the chaos and diversity of Istanbul and New York direct him to produce darker club sounds, the laid-back Afro-Latin Caribbean vibe of Miami always sparks lots of positive and festive elements to his music. His earliest nightlife experiences as a kid in Monaco and Aegean Coasts and Islands around Turkey and Greece adds the final magical touch; the oriental, Mediterranean finish touch.

Can has been producing music since 2002. Being a versatile musician, in his 20-year career, he has produced a wide genre of electronic music styles from House to Techno and even more commercial Pop, Hip-Hop and Afro-beat sounds.

He has been one of the critically acclaimed pioneers for remixing Turkish Pop music in club-friendly sounds. Can has produced music for many top artists, had numerous chart hits, was awarded multi-platinum, and has received huge support from the DJ scene.

As solo Dj he had numerous nightclub performances around the world including headlining at the legendary Cocoon Frankfurt, Cavalli Dubai, residency at Masquerade Club (Istanbul’s largest nightclub) just to mention a few.

Live Music Projects

Majnoon & Ethnic Universe

In 2016, Can has started being interested in creating live music experiences where the performers and the audience can interact and create immersive musical journeys together.
A typical performance would be starting with a downtempo musical ritual evolving into electronic club sounds overdubbed with authentic Turkish and Middle Eastern live instruments.
These performance series created quite a big buzz and by 2017 Can has teamed up with Khaikhan and started up a unique live act called “Majnoon“. The idea with the “Majnoon” project was to dive deep into the roots of authentic Turkish / Middle Eastern music and blending it with global electronic music sounds. The project became a huge success, with the “Ethnic Universe” Event Series, Majnoon performed around the world and shared the same stage with topliners of the genre.

Sahara Pop Experience

Sahara Pop takes Can’s interactive live music journey a step further, blends up-tempo club-friendly, electronic / pop sounds with African and Middle Eastern vibes.

Music Productions

He produced the hit track “Ikili Delilik” and a couple of more for Sezen Aksu’s Bahane Remixes Album, the song received The Best Song Of The Year (Altin Kelebek) and the album has been awarded Multi-Platinum as the most selling album of the year (Mu-Yap)

“Can Bener – Way I Dance’’ written by George Michael, Yazoo and Can Bener has been licensed to record companies globally and achieved multiple Top 10 chart success around the world.

Many of his remixes and productions for some of the top artists in Turkey such as Ajda Pekkan, Yaşar, Fatih Erkoç are still being heavily rotated in radios, clubs, and live concerts.

His works have been released in numerous compilations around the world including Pacha Ibiza Series.


Aside from his artistic works, Can also has an extensive career in the music industry. 
He is the founder/co-founder/partner/owner in the following group of companies

Yonca Music was founded in the late 1960s in Istanbul by Can’s father Ergin Bener since has been one of the leading global music distribution/production companies in the region. As a key player in the industry, aside from distributing major labels and the world’s biggest artists, the company continuously invested and contributed to the discovery and success of many independent artists and new talents.

Cavalone is a multi-national entertainment company, providing investment, management, consultancy, event management services for global brands, f&b outlets and artists.

The Box

The Box delivers curated music broadcast systems for brands.

By 2020 digital distribution arm of Yonca Music, is founded. Parydise delivers your music to all major platforms incl. Spotify, Apple, Beatport, YouTube, Tidal, TikTok, Twitch & many more. Offers a full package of artist and label services including distribution, publishing, synchronization, marketing, analytics, booking management.

RIST (Radio Istanbul)

Rist provides Event Management, Label and Audio Video Production services.

International Organisations

Can has been a business developer and ambassador for MICS (Monaco International Clubbing Show), an annual 3-day world nightlife professionals gathering and DJ festival located in Monte-Carlo, Grimaldi Forum.

Can has been an ambassador for “The World’s Finest Clubs” an organization based in Switzerland considered as the Michelin star award for nightclubs.

Can is also an ambassador for International Nightlife Association in Turkey and the USA. International Nightlife Association is the only global organization that represents the nightlife sector with a presence in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.